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Eastwood dental care with an emphasis on quality. Dr Gerard Tang and his team are here to help…

Are you experiencing difficulties with your oral health? Cut teeth, tooth fractures, horrible breath and toothaches are common and easily diagnosed. Moreover, they can be effectively and quickly treated if detected early. Here at Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery, we conduct professional check-ups that provide you with a comprehensive examination of your mouth.  We are an Eastwood dental practice that prides itself on maintaining and promoting the highest levels of oral hygiene and health in our local community. If any problems are evident, our technologically advanced treatments can be shaped to suit you and your family’s specific requirements.

Want to take the next step towards better oral health?

No matter the type of oral health issue you may have, our dentists are equipped to provide you with exceptional and precise general dentistry service. Our highly experienced Eastwood dental team are here to help improve and maintain your oral health with our range of high quality treatments:

At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery your health is our priority…

We want to make sure all of our patients have a clean bill of oral health. Our approach goes beyond simply treating you in the surgery. We believe in assisting you with your oral health beyond the walls of our Eastwood dental practice. This means we deliver the tools and understanding you need to maintain your own teeth and gums in optimum condition. Our dentists strive to ensure that through proper education and visual direction patients understand the importance of regular oral self-care. Our experienced practitioners are here to offer guidance and professional opinions on the latest oral maintenance techniques. You deserve general dentistry treatment that is simple yet long-lasting. Our aim is to keep our patients smiling.

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