Custom-made Sports Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards can protect your teeth from harm during contact and collision sports…

Every year thousands of people are regularly treated for sports related dental injuries that could have been prevented with a mouthguard. A quick trip to our Eastwood dentist and his team can give you the highest assurance of safety from such harm. Just like knee guards, protective cups and padding, mouthguards are essential during sport to reduce the impact and possible damage that could occur during contact sport. A mouthguard is a small plastic tray that fits comfortably over your top row of teeth and helps to absorb the shock experienced by sudden force and pressure. This ‘impact’ can occur during collision and contact sports such as:

  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Martial arts
  • Full contact karate
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • BMX Biking

A mouthguard should be worn during these sports to lessen the chance of complications in the result of sudden impact. A sudden collision or sudden impact can result in broken or knocked teeth, injury to the jaw, ears, face and neck, and can also cause hard and soft tissue damage.

How will a mouthguard prevent me from getting harmed during sport?

A mouthguard is a much underestimated accessory because of its size. But it can make a huge difference between mild pain and severe problems in the event of a sports related incident. Our Eastwood dentist and his team witness the consequences of such incidents on a regular basis. This device, when worn correctly, will work to cushion the teeth and distribute pressure when sudden contact is made to the face. When the mouth sits comfortably the tongue rests on the roof of your mouth and your teeth will not occlude (rest against each other). Hence when the face is struck it can cause the teeth to clash against each other. Should the resultant force be strong enough it can cause a variety of problems. The mouthguard bridges and cushions the gap between the teeth so when the mouth is struck the teeth will bite into the mouthguard and receive merely a fraction of the pressure from the infliction.

Why should I invest in a custom-made sport mouthguard from an Eastwood dentist over a store bought one?

The aesthetic difference between a custom-made mouth guard and a store bought mouth guard is mainly superficial – one will be of a standard grove and the other will be customised to occlude to your teeth. The significant difference lies in their effectiveness. While a store bought mouthguard can lessen the chance of impact during game play there is a larger risk of the accessory not fitting properly. Furthermore, they have been known to fall out during game play which can prove distracting and hazardous. Dr Gerard Tang is an experienced Eastwood dentist and knows that the right fit gives you optimum protection. A custom-made sports mouthguard is crafted by our dental professionals to occlude perfectly to your smile. An impression of your teeth will be created so a mouthguard can be made to perfectly match your teeth. By having a precisely fitting mouthguard, the risk of it falling out during game play is drastically reduced. More importantly, it will best distribute pressure and cushion the teeth during game play.

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