Teeth Whitening

Want to improve the appearance of your smile? Visit the Eastwood dentist who can make your teeth up to seven shades lighter…

Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments today. They can significantly improve the appearance of your smile and are generally cost effective, but they need an Eastwood dentist you can trust. Many of our patients enquire as to why they should consider professional teeth whitening treatment from our Eastwood dentist rather than purchase store bought teeth whitening treatments. While store bought treatments are usually more affordable than and almost as effective as professional teeth whitening treatments, many of the solutions used in those treatments are harmful to your teeth.

By investing in a professional teeth whitening treatment from Dr Gerard Tang and his team, you can be assured that we will have your oral health as our first priority. During our teeth whitening treatments we consider the status of your teeth, gums and soft tissue during and after the whitening process. We will also evaluate your suitability for such a treatment. Not all patients have suitable teeth, so it is important to ensure that you have good oral health before considering any cosmetic treatments.

What causes teeth to become discoloured?

Before considering any teeth whitening treatment it is important to determine what might the cause of your teeth discolouration and staining. The effectiveness of the teeth whitening treatment will rely heavily on your type of staining and the type of solution used during your treatment. There are many contributing factors that can cause your teeth discolouration. During your consultation with your Eastwood dentist, we will be able to discuss the possible causes for your discolouration to determine which teeth whitening treatment will work best for you. At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery, we find that many of our patients have staining because of certain types of food and dietary habits:

  • Berries
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Sugar (chocolate, soda etc)
  • Citrus foods (oranges, lemons etc)

Teeth staining can also be caused by ageing, genetics, health disorders such as diabetes, cancer, and over exposure to natural chemicals such as fluoride. Sometimes teeth whitening treatments may not prove effective in such cases, so alternative cosmetic treatments may need to be considered.

Does fluoride have harmful effects on teeth?

There is large debate in the dental profession and the public over the use and benefits of fluoride. Our Eastwood dentist has investigated the issue and able to provide sound advice. Many people consider fluoride quite damaging to teeth when there is overexposure. Yet the benefits of fluoride are numerous when used in small amounts. It actually strengthens tooth enamel which makes teeth very strong but over-exposure can cause teeth to become ‘mottled’ and ‘brown’ in appearance. Public drinking water, toothpaste, and some plastics and foods are treated with fluoride so if you believe your staining is due to fluorosis (over exposure to fluoride) you can contact Sydney Water to find out if your drinking water is fluoridated.

Our professional Eastwood dentist has teeth whitening treatments that conveniently improve your smile…

Once we have diagnosed the cause for your teeth discolouration we can determine the best treatment for you. At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery we take your oral health very seriously. Therefore take your oral health into consideration during all dental treatments at our Eastwood surgery. You can be rest assured that with our Eastwood dentist and his team, you are utilising the expertise and experience you need to safely whiten your teeth. After a visit, you can walk away with both confidence in our procedures, and in your new smile.

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