Dr Gerard Tang and his Eastwood dental team have a world of experience and are more than happy to answer your questions!

That is why we have compiled these Frequently Asked Questions and their straightforward answers. We are an Eastwood dental centre that emphasises patient education.

What is endodontic treatment?

Endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as root canal treatment, is the removal of infected tooth pulp that is suffering from pulpitis. To stop the pulpitis infection from spreading through the blood stream to other teeth the diseased pulp is removed. Once the inside of the tooth is sterilised it is filled with a tooth-coloured filling. This procedure can be the deciding factor between tooth extraction and keeping your natural tooth if the pulpitis is caught in its earlier stages.

How can mouthguards help protect me during contact sports?

Mouthguards can help protect you from soft tissue, jaw, neck and jaw joint injuries, can cushion teeth during impact (by preventing teeth clashing against each other), and can even reduce the risk of concussion. Custom-made mouth guards made by our Eastwood dental team conform to your teeth. Hence they distribute pressure along your teeth evenly in the event of collision and prevent possible fracturing or lost teeth which may require crowns or bridges.

If my child has cavities what treatments are available to prevent further decay?

If children have cavities in their baby teeth we can offer them sealants to prevent further decay and damage to their teeth. Fissure and pit sealants are used to coat the cavities creating a protective barrier against bacteria and tooth decay.

How are professional teeth whitening treatments different to store bought treatments?

It is important to realise that professional and store-bought treatments can both do what they promise – ‘whiten’ your teeth. However, store-bought treatments will use a variety of chemicals which may or may not be approved by an authority dental association such as the Australian Dental Association (ADA). Professional teeth whitening treatments from Dr Gerard Tang’s Eastwood dental centre are performed by professionals. As such they do not risk the oral health of the patient.

How can Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery improve the appearance of my smile?

At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery we offer a range of cosmetic treatments to help patients improve and enhance their smiles. To address various colour, shape, and size problems with teeth we offer teeth whitening treatments, tooth-coloured fillings, and porcelain veneers that can improve the colour of your teeth, reshape your smile, and can work to eliminate blemishes from your teeth. Our fantastic Eastwood dental experts can determine which treatment will work best for you.

What should I do if my adult tooth falls out?

Place the tooth gently back into your mouth and keep your mouth closed. Now is the time to call Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery for an emergency treatment appointment so that we can treat your fallen tooth. It is imperative that in the event of a lost tooth you act swiftly and sensibly to prevent the permanent loss of your tooth.

What payments options are available at Dr Gerard Tang’s Eastwood dental surgery?

To make your experience with us at Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery as stress free and comfortable as possible we offer a range of payment options to suit anyone’s budget. At out Eastwood dental surgery we offer patients Eftpos and Credit payment options, HICAPS (Health Claims and Payments Solutions), and accept cash on the premises. We also provide Medicare Veteran Affairs and Child Dental Benefits Scheme options.

Are my gums meant to bleed when I brush my teeth?

If your gums are bleeding it could be because you are brushing your teeth too hard and it is irritating your gums. You could also have a gum Infection, Mild Gum Disease (Gingivitis), or Severe Gum Disease (Periodontitis). Change to a softer tooth brush so that your gums are not overly irritated when you brush them. If bleeding persists please consult our Eastwood dental professionals for an oral health check-up.

Why should I get my amalgam filling replaced with a tooth coloured filling?

Not only are amalgam fillings unsightly, there is conscious debate as to whether amalgam fillings are beneficial to your oral health. Amalgam fillings contain an amount of mercury that can be poisonous when ingested. At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery we offer tooth-coloured fillings that feel and look exactly like your natural tooth. Replacing amalgam fillings with tooth-coloured fillings is becoming common practice and can be safely and easily performed by our Eastwood dental professionals.

Can brushing and flossing my teeth prevent periodontitis?

Brushing and flossing are the best way to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation which are the leading causes for most oral health problems. However, the only way to prevent periodontitis is to remove the threat in its early stages. Periodontitis is the progressive form of gingivitis, the infection and inflammation of the gums, that is caused by plaque, tartar, and microbial bacteria. If you want to treat periodontitis you should book an appointment with our Eastwood dental team.

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