Dental Technology

Dr Gerard Tang uses advanced technology to give patients a more precise and thorough examination at his Eastwood family dental centre…

Over the year, technology in dentistry has advanced incredibly. From primitive extraction tools to three-dimensional printing, as this technology has grown, so too has the treatment experience. Dr Gerard Tang and his Eastwood family dental team embrace technology that not only heightens your interactive experience as a patient but also gives you a more thorough and considered examination during your visits. With this technology we can see things we would not normally see through our own eyes. This helps our experienced dentist attain a more concise and precise understanding of your oral health and development.

Our Eastwood family dental surgery is equipped with innovative technology to make your dental experience more interactive and interesting. During our oral assessments we use can use an intraoral camera and digital x-rays to examine the inside of your mouth comprehensively.

Intraoral cameras reveal the inside of your mouth as it has never been seen before…

How would you like to see the inside of your mouth from a different perspective? One of the pit falls of dentistry is that you have to work within such a confined space. Hence it can be difficult to observe all the nooks and crannies inside the mouth. Moreover, it can make oral hygiene that much more difficult (by limiting the visibility of surfaces to be cleaned). This means it can be uncomfortable and awkward to receive dental treatment when you cannot see what your dentist is doing. Taking this into consideration, at our Eastwood family dental practice we have invested in an intraoral camera that can reveal to you what a simple mirror could not.

An intraoral camera is a hand held device that is slim-lined enough to fit inside the mouth comfortably. On the end of this hand-held piece is a tiny camera that will reveal the inside of your mouth to both yourself and your dentist. You will be able to view this on a monitor in our Eastwood family dental centre. This device has allowed us to explain oral and dental problems to patients more clearly. It allows us to discuss how the mouth works and how our treatments will work with visual assistance. The mouth is very small and so are our teeth so it is easy to underestimate the importance of good oral hygiene in relation to their longevity and health. By seeing them up close and personal, our patients accurately visualise the state of their oral health.

Digital x-rays reveal what lies beneath the surface…

Digital x-rays have been used in the medical profession for many years. They consistently reveal what is going on beneath the skin’s surface. Therefore they have helped many patients discover the underlying problems with their health without the need for invasive surgery. Likewise, digital x-rays are used in dentistry to determine the health of tooth roots, the existence and growth of wisdom teeth, and to predetermine and oral development problems that the patients may be experiencing. The Eastwood family dental team at Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery are adept at utilising these x-rays in a safe manner. These x-rays give patients a visual on the growth, health, and appearance of their teeth and further develop their understanding of their teeth and their oral health.

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