Crowns and Bridges

Want a permanent solution to strengthen your broken and fractured teeth?  Fixed restorative treatment is for you…

At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery, patients with damaged and/or missing teeth approach our experienced Eastwood dentist and his team with a number of concerns. They worry about the appearance of their smile. They may find that their ability to speak and eat properly is hindered.  We believe that many of these concerns can be addressed with restorative options such as crowns and bridges. These fixed solutions work to strengthen and restore your teeth. There are many instances where we will suggest this method of treatment to restore your smile and improve your ability to eat, smile, and laugh easily and confidently. Some of these instances include the following:

  • Large dental caries that cannot be covered up with a filling
  • Considerably worn tooth enamel
  • Tooth that has extensive root canal therapy
  • Fractured and chipped teeth
  • Malocclusion (uneven bite)
  • Highly sensitive teeth
  • Missing teeth

Crowns and bridges are made from porcelain which is translucent in colour and texture. This is a fantastic material to use because it is both durable and stain resistant. It can also be colour-matched to look exactly like your natural teeth. At Dr Gerard Tang Dental Surgery we have an extensive history in using crowns and bridges restorative options to replace and fix your smile.

Crowns can strengthen and restore a single tooth…

Dr Gerard Tang is an Eastwood dentist who is highly experienced in applying crowns. A crown is essentially a ‘cap’ that is designed to sit comfortably over a damaged tooth. It is shaped in the image of your missing tooth (quite commonly a molar) and will be cemented on top to restore the strength of your tooth and to protect the inner layers from decay and harmful bacteria. These crowns not only improve the strength and structure of your teeth but aesthetically improve the appearance of your smile by improving the symmetry and the alignment of your smile and your bite.

Bridges can replace and strengthen several teeth…

Our Eastwood dentist and his team can help you overcome the pain and hassle of a missing tooth. A restorative bridge that can fill that gap between your teeth. If you have a missing tooth you are at risk of developing a variety of oral health problems, such as the following:

  • Tooth migration
  • Jawbone reabsorption
  • Gum recession

Dental bridges are designed to cap over your existing teeth and them from migrating to the vacant space with a pontic. A pontic is a ‘fake’ tooth that will rest comfortably between your existing teeth. Bridges avoid the need for multiple crowns and are just as effective as dentures and other restorative treatments in restoring the ability to speak and eat naturally.

An Eastwood dentist who knows that stronger teeth mean a stronger smile…

Similar to porcelain veneers, in the event of needing crowns or dental bridges your teeth must be prepared by finely removing some of the tooth enamel. This is to ensure that your new bridge or crown fits comfortably over your existing teeth. Dr Gerard Tang is an Eastwood dentist who gives assurances about the care and precision of this practice. After this, with proper care and attention to oral hygiene your crown or bridge can last a lifetime. Your should avoid chewing hard foods or using your teeth as a tool as this could damage your new restoration. Keeping your mouth healthy can reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay which can reduce the longevity of your new restoration.

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